Complimentary Webinar hosted with Foregenix - Botnet & Password Attack Webinar

Date: 12 Jun 2017    Location: Webinar    Delegates: 100+

Registration for this webinar will open shortly. So, block your Calendar for 4pm UK time on the 12th of June 2017! This webinar, which the LFPA is putting on with Foregenix, will focus on the following information:

• Overview of botnets
• Use of botnets
• Countermeasures for botnets
• Overview of a password attacks
• Review of password attack methods
• Mitigations for password attacks

Stay tuned! Registration will open shortly!


Foregenix is a Digital Forensics and Incident Response Specialist. With a strong focus on the payments industry, Foregenix supports and assists all types of public and private sector organisations, financial services, retail, eCommerce, utility and Government institutions.


Daniel Farr, Managing Consultant at Foregenix, is a leading information Security Consultant and highly experienced QSA with proven experience in IT Security, Risk Assessment and Compliance. Daniel has delivered compliance assessments and consulting services to some of the world’s largest payment processors and merchants. Daniel’s previous roles have gained him valuable experience in Incident Response, Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery, including designing a Business Continuity Framework for an FSA registered company.

Michael Smith has been writing and speaking on the topic of loyalty fraud for the past several years. Formerly at British Aiways, where he managed the non Air Partners of the loyalty program, he has subsequently worked with numerous stakeholders across the industry to understand their issues and concerns for loyalty fraud. Michael just completed an industry wide survey of loyalty fraud that will soon be published.