How AI can help Risk Managers streamline processes & unlock resources - Ai in Fraud Prevention Webinar Recording

Date: 13 Dec 2018    Location: Webinar    Delegates: 50+

This Webinar took place on Thursday, December 13th, 2018.

It was the monthly Virtual Meeting of the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association to discuss best practices for loyalty fraud prevention & security. This month featured a short presentation from Jeff Sakasegawa and Kevin Lee of Sift Science on how AI can help Risk Managers streamline processes & unlock resources for more strategic tasks. 

Getting internal resources to fight abuse can be a constant uphill battle no matter how large the company. It often feels like abuse teams don’t have an initial seat at the product table and as a result are forced to react to new abuse types and the manual reviews these types generate. In this webinar, we heard from 2 former Facebook employees on how they were able to use AI to align company incentives, better understand which users to trust, reduce manual review, and drive company strategy. 

In this webinar attendees learned:

• What new signals can be used to detect abuse 
• How AI can be used to get a better understanding of which users you can trust 
• How to align incentives with cross functional partners to create win / win scenarios

You may request the recording of this webinar free-of-charge here.

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