Controlling Miles & Points Brokering - Brokering Webinar Recording

Date: 08 Feb 2018    Location: Webinar    Delegates: 50+

Webinar: Thursday, February 8th at 10am - 11 am Eastern (New York Time)

As part of the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association's efforts to educate programs on improving defenses against fraudsters, hackers and "gamers," we hosted this hour long webinar on the latest trends in brokering miles and points in conjunction with Kaligo Solutions.

Kaligo Solutions enables 50+ leading airlines, hotel chains and banks to drive engagement through innovative rewards accrual & redemption capabilities. Through its global points transfer platform, Kaligo has extensive insight into how miles and points are being brokered in violation of program terms, and supports programs in implementing effective controls to mitigate brokering. Request this recording to hear about the latest trends and available defense strategies from Kaligo's Chief Operating Officer, Sebastian Grobys

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Sebastian Grobys, Chief Operating Officer at Kaligo Solutions, is a seasoned business leader in the loyalty and financial services industries. Prior to co-founding Kaligo Solutions, he held managment positions in Capital One, Wego and American Express. Sebastian holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Christopher Staab is Co-Founder of the Loyalty Fraud Prevetnion Association Formerly at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Chris has subsequently worked with numerous stakeholders across the loyalty industry to understand their issues and concerns relating to loyalty fraud.

Kaligo Solutions enables 50+ leading airlines, card issuers and travel companies globally to drive engagement through exciting travel rewards.

Travel experiences create the strongest engagement for brands. The excitement of saving up points for a trip, the satisfaction of redeeming along-awaited holiday, or sharing photos from an amazing adventure all create powerful positive associations with customers.

Kaligo Solutions powers beautiful, plug & play travel rewards solutions via white label and API. Easy to launch and simple to use, across web and mobile, our loyalty platforms help you make the most of the power of travel.