Complimentary Meeting to Stop the Threat of Loyalty Fraud - Loyalty Fraud Prevention Discussion Group at Mega Event 2016

Date: 24 Oct 2016    Location: Toronto, ON, Canada    Delegates: 50+

Photo: Sharing at previous fraud event.

Discussion Group Overview: Following many recent breaches at major loyalty programs, loyalty fraud is now firmly on the radar screen of both corporate senior management, as well as loyalty program members. In order to help companies stay ahead of this trend, Ai is organising this complimenary session on the afternoon of Monday 24th October in Toronto, in cooperation with the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association. It will discuss industry-wide co-operation to resolve loyalty fraud, as well as practical solutions to combat it. This closed-door discussion group brought together executives from airlines, hotels, banks and retailers working in loyalty marketing and loyalty fraud prevention on the platform of stopping loyalty fraud.