Hosted with ThinkInk - Webinar Recording: Crisis Communications for Data Breaches

Date: 04 Apr 2017    Location: Webinar    Delegates: 50+

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Data Breaches, Angry Customers and a Looming PR Crisis
How to Prepare Your Team and Manage Customer Communications When Cyberfraud Hits Your Loyalty Program

Frequent travelers and loyalty program members take their rewards very seriously – it is, after all, their currency. Understandably, they'll be quick to blame an airline, travel company, or other loyalty program operator for any losses caused by cyber theft or fraud. So what happens when a loyalty program's data is breached?
A strong crisis PR program is a vital element of reputational risk management, but too often overlooks specific features unique to loyalty programs, and that depend on trust and an emotional connection between the company and its most valuable customers.
This webinar examined how traditional approaches of managing information are no longer effective, what traditional crisis PR can overlook in today’s marketing environment, and how to build a better communications structure with your company’s stakeholders and customers before, during, and after a data breach-driven PR crisis.

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Vanessa Howell is the Chief Strategy Officer of ThinkInk, a global communications firm focused on strategy development, brand building and reputational management for technology companies serving the airline, loyalty, and travel technology sectors.

Michael Smith, Co-Founder of the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association, has been writing and speaking on the topic of loyalty fraud for the past several years. Formerly at British Aiways where he managed the non Air Partners of the loyalty program, he has subsequently worked with numerous stakeholders across the industry to understand their issues and concerns for loyalty fraud.