Stopping the Threat of Loyalty Fraud - Complimentary 6th Loyalty Fraud Discussion Group (Americas)

Date: 26 May 2015    Location: Chicago, IL, USA    Delegates: 30+

Overview: As retailers, travel companies and others work to reduce credit card fraud, it is driving fraud to a new channel - the Loyalty Program. The list of recent airline & hotel companies and their customers which have fallen victim to loyalty program breaches, both those reported in the media and the many more which managed to be kept out of the public eye, is lengthy! So, to discuss cooperation and solutions to Loyalty Fraud, this complimentary Loyalty Fraud Prevention Discussion Group was held on the afternoon of Tuesday, 26th of May 2015 in Chicago. This closed-door meeting was open to any financial services, retail or travel/airline industry executive working in loyalty and/or loyalty fraud prevention.

The objectives of this meeting included to:
• Discuss best practices and solutions to reduce loyalty fraud and how they may be applied in each participant's own company
• Equip participants with up-to-date information on the latest trends in loyalty fraud, as well as how to fight it
• Provide participants with information, resources and tools to fight loyalty fraud on an on-going basis
• Develop a network for founding a global group dedicated to stopping loyalty program fraud

Participating companies included: Air France-KLM Flying Blue, Amtrak, Alaska Airlines, American Express, Augeo, Best Western, Clark Consulting Group, Comarch, Delta Air Lines, Hinda, Loyalty Partner Solutions, Orbitz, Ryan, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, & Young America


Registration & Check-in

Welcome Remarks, Introductions & Overview of Objectives
• Shawn Clark, President, Clark Consulting Group

Airline Loyalty Fraud: an overview of airline loyalty fraud and how this relates to other types of loyalty programs
• Michael Smith, Managing Partner, Ai

Open Discussion: What types of Loyalty Fraud are participants seeing in their companies?
Discussion to be led by:
• Shawn Clark, President, Clark Consulting Group

Coffee Break & Networking

Group Roundtable on Loyalty Fraud Prevention: What defenses can be put in place? 
Discussion to be led by:
• Michael Smith, Managing Partner, Airline Information

Closing & Next Steps: What is the way forward to cooperating to fight Loyalty Fraud?
• Michael Smith, Managing Partner, Airline Information

Cocktail Reception