Why Join?

The LFPA will provide the following benefits to its memberships (access to some benefits may be limited to certain membership categories).

  • Membership directory

The membership directory will provide up-to-date contact details of the members, thus enabling a direct contact between members to assist with fraud prevention

  • Best working practices

A list of best practices will be regularly updated and will provide the members with a guideline of solutions/work processes that have proven successful in avoiding fraud

  • Online database of known fraudsters – THESEUSS (reduced rate for Members to participate)

Fraudsters will exploit all loopholes in your defenses. Participating members are asked to share data elements that fraudsters have used in a confirmed illicit transaction (email address, IP address, name, address, etc. – all elements available, expect credit card details)

  • Online chat forum (Loyalty Fraud Chasers)

Eligible members will have access to a chat forum, where all issues concerning Loyalty Fraud can be discussed openly and experience shared

  • Training how to secure/protect loyalty programs

IT Security specialists will run training sessions on how to develop a secure loyalty program management solution and how to monitor the system on a daily basis

These sessions are offered either in a classroom or in-house

  • Training how to prevent/detect loyalty fraud

Industry experts will run either classroom or in-house training session that addresses operation aspects of a loyalty program

  • Regional workshops on loyalty fraud

Regional workshops are held to allow face-to-face discussions with industry experts and colleagues to discuss all aspects of the challenges that the industry is faced with.

  • Annual Conference

During the annual conference industry experts will address in plenary sessions current issues and will provide an outlook of trends and how to address the challenges. Workshops will allow for in-depth discussions between members.

Want to Join?

Call toll Free within the United States & Canada: 800-557-7091
From Outside the United States dial: +1 305-328-8598
From the United Kingdom: +44 (0) 77 88 99 56 31

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